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Qingdao Retech Farming Technology Co., Ltd.
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Sản Phẩm chính: Gia cầm Thiết Bị/Gà Lồng/Gia Cầm Lồng/Hai Lớp Lồng/Gà Thịt Lồng/Pullet Lồng/Giống Lồng/hoàn toàn Tự Động Nâng Cao Hệ Thống/Thông Minh Môi Trường Hệ Thống Điều Khiển/Đúc Sẵn Gia Cầm Nhà/Lồng Ấp Trứng
Thứ tự xếp hạng1 bán chạy nhất trong Lồng nhốt động vậtOn-site technical supportFinished product inspectionTotal floorspace (12,000㎡)Supplier assessment procedures


As the preferred service provider of smart raising solutions for global poultry farms,RETECH is committed to turning customers' needs into complete solutions, so as to help them achieve modern farms with sustainable income and improve farm efficiency.



Global Modern Chicken Farms in 51 Countries

Solid Poultry Equipment

Safe Raising Environment

3D Customized Solutions

20 Years Raising Experience

Only High-quality Material

The Good Quality of Each Component

Total Project Solutions (consultation, design, production to raising guidance)